Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday's Random 10

I'll comment on this later, but for now here's my list:

The Only Mistake - Joy Division
Store Bought Bones - The Raconteurs
Emenius Sleepus - Green Day
I Want a New Drug - Huey Lewis and the News
Three Sunrises - U2
Subculture - New Order
I Believe - Chris Isaak
Dusty - Soundgarden
Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash
Flip Flop Rock - Outkast

I might have been able to write another vignette with these song titles if it weren't for Green Day's monkey wrench. But anybody else who wishes to is more than welcome.

Hmmm, there's an idea - Flash Fiction Friday meets the Random 10?

I'm off to consume cheap Mexican beverages.

Tomorrow I get to give stinky Sasha a bath and pick up poop in the backyard. Envious, aren't you?

Sunday, ski-o-rama.

Hasta la vista, baby.

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