Friday, March 16, 2007

Random 10 - Paradise, where are you?

Kiss Off - Violent Femmes
The Outlaw Torn - Metallica
Free - Train
Time To Get Ill - The Beastie Boys
Don't Leave Me On My Own - Chris Isaak
Lost In the Supermarket - The Clash
Walk On Down - Aerosmith
Rhymin & Stealin - The Beastie Boys
Fucking In Heaven - Fatboy Slim
The Long Day Is Over - Norah Jones

Kiss off, responsibilities - we jetted to Aruba.

Tropical paradise. Where we were free to lounge the day away in the sun and drink until it was time to get ill. Where time was meaningless and we could get lost in the supermarket with no consequences whatsoever. That's right, we were fucking in heaven.

Our one bad experience involved a vagrant in a parking lot. The dude was rhymin' and stealin', trying to hustle us out of some money. The spousal unit stood his ground, and the outlaw, torn for a moment, opted to move on to easier prey.

The poker tournament was grand. The spousal unit went out first, and though I pleaded, "Don't leave me on my own," he opted to walk on down to the beach bar until my time too was through. Alas, I won no money.

And finally, we had to return home. After long, depressing flights away from Utopia, the long day is over. Back to the grind.


justacoolcat said...

Fucking in Heaven.


Slave to the dogs said...

Thanks cat. That's true of the song, the artist, and the trip.

Sarah Ashlee said...

The Long Day is Over - perfect choice!

Nothing better than Norah, a glass of wine and a bubble bath to cleanse the worries of the day.

Glad you had a great trip!

Slave to the dogs said...

Sarah - I think I could use some Norah and a bubble bath right now!