Monday, April 02, 2007

Doggy doins

The good news - Sasha is feeling 1000% better.

The bad news - Sasha is feeling 1000% better. Now the pack dominance dance has begun. Neither Ripley nor Roscoe likes the way Sasha plays, wooing at them and pawing at their backs. Yesterday Roscoe bit Sasha, and she ran off howling and crying. Ripley snarls at Sasha whenever she comes near.

We're trying to intervene appropriately but minimally, as they have to work things out among themselves if the pecking order is to be accepted. However, we've decided that if our 2 other dogs don't accept her into the pack, we'll have to find another home for sweet Sasha. She needs a pack with at least one other dog to play with, and the way the pack stands now I don't think anyone is happy. Plus, there will be times where we'll be away at work all day if I have to travel, and I don't think Sasha will be safe either from our two dogs or from her urge to get out of the yard and roam. I think if she were unhappy enough, she'd jump the fence.

We'll see. Roscoe is slightly less hostile and seems to realize that she just wants to play.

Oh, and did I mention that she appeared from nowhere and ran past me out our side gate yesterday afternoon?

It would have been quite a sight to observe me chasing her. I dropped the bag of yard rakings and bolted after her in my flip flops, calling her name frantically. Sasha daintily crossed the stream in the field across from our house, and I got my shoes stuck in the mud attempting to follow. I caught up with her but she eluded my grasp. Shoeless, I pursued until my feet would no longer allow it. I went back to retrieve my flip flops and lit out in the direction she'd fled. Luckily she hadn't gone far, but unluckily seem to take great pleasure in being chased. Not to be stymied, I decided to switch tactics. I crouched down and called her name in a voice as devoid of emotion as I could muster. Lured into my trap, she walked back to me and I snatched her collar.

Unfortunately, at this point we were not overly close to the house. So I had to duck walk her back home, holding onto her collar as we walked. My glutes, hamstrings, and lower back were not amused.


Tanya Espanya said...

Oh boy. I'm completely not knowing anything about dogs, so I admire you for adding one more to the mix.

What's the timing for stuff like this? I only know about cats and that sometimes it can take weeks. I suspect it's more work with dogs; I always think of them as being more like people.

Slave to the dogs said...

Tanya - I assume it will take some more time. We're watching closely for signs of change.