Friday, December 19, 2008

A delightful tale

Of Slave being embarassed, and plumbers, and poo. I have to run off to a holiday party, but stay tuned for this one. I'll call it my Christmas present to all of you!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

To spam or not to spam

The spousal unit's company isn't doing well. He's doing work that he hates. So he's in the market for a new job.

A tech recruiter contacted him yesterday about a job where the hiring manager is someone I used to work for. The work interested the spousal unit, so I tracked my former boss down and gave him a heads up that he'd be getting the spousal unit's resume soon.

In the meantime, the spousal unit starts researching this company. Turns out that the CEO has the title on Wikipedia of "king of spam". The company has gotten in trouble for hacking MySpace with spam and for stealing IP addresses. Now he's not so sure he wants the job.

There are some reasons to take it. It would be really good for his resume if he could work with these particular technologies again. It's close to home. It pays very well and we have a baby on the way. Plus, I'd look rather foolish to my former boss if the spousal unit decides not to interview with this company.

On the other hand, well, it's spam. And the technologies may not look so good on the resume if the company has a bad reputation.

What to do?