Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Morgan Stella

Born April 26th, 2009. She was a month early so she's had some lung problems and is getting out of the NICU tomorrow. We're in love!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A delightful tale

Of Slave being embarassed, and plumbers, and poo. I have to run off to a holiday party, but stay tuned for this one. I'll call it my Christmas present to all of you!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

To spam or not to spam

The spousal unit's company isn't doing well. He's doing work that he hates. So he's in the market for a new job.

A tech recruiter contacted him yesterday about a job where the hiring manager is someone I used to work for. The work interested the spousal unit, so I tracked my former boss down and gave him a heads up that he'd be getting the spousal unit's resume soon.

In the meantime, the spousal unit starts researching this company. Turns out that the CEO has the title on Wikipedia of "king of spam". The company has gotten in trouble for hacking MySpace with spam and for stealing IP addresses. Now he's not so sure he wants the job.

There are some reasons to take it. It would be really good for his resume if he could work with these particular technologies again. It's close to home. It pays very well and we have a baby on the way. Plus, I'd look rather foolish to my former boss if the spousal unit decides not to interview with this company.

On the other hand, well, it's spam. And the technologies may not look so good on the resume if the company has a bad reputation.

What to do?

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Hey all. Sorry for the disappearing act. I didn't go to Saudi and get stuck there. I'm alive and well. I've been a little preoccupied by this.

Will try to update more soon. I'm trying to limit my posts to funny, profound, and doggy, so we'll see how often I manage.

Oh, I've also been sucked in to Facebook. That site is like crack.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

When it's still better to be a man

My company has recently been doing work with Sabic, a Saudi Arabian company. I've worked at places that have done business with the Saudis in the past, but this experience takes the cake.

For one, Sabic doesn't hire women. At all. For anything. At least with previous clients there was a female secretary here and there.

Next, if you are a married women entering Saudi Arabia on business without your husband, you must present customs with a letter from your husband giving his permission for you to do so. Furthermore, upon departing the country, you must present customs with another letter deeming your return home acceptable.

What do they do with the women who have the first letter but not the second?

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been born in the West.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 Degrees of Bubba Clinton

I recently started seeing a new hairstylist. She's a friend from our softball team and she works at a very reputable salon downtown. She just found out last week that she's been selected to do hair and makeup for Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Caroline Kennedy next week for the DNC. In addition to the coolness factor she'll make some major bank off the deal. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Beckeye, do you have time to grab my pic off MySpace and put some Hillary hair on it? ;) I'd do it myself but you all have seen my (lack of) Photoshopping skills.

So let's see, the connection goes:


That's only 2 degrees, right? Aweosme thing is that puts God Barack and JFK at the same level. ;)

Next week is going to be madness. As much as I'd like to ogle I think the best thing to do is avoid downtown at all costs.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the Minority

I admit that I am NOT one of the millions of Americans who is enamored with Michael Phelps.

I can appreciate his athletic prowess. The guy's got major talent. But he seems like an arrogant creep.

Did you see him screaming at his teammates in the 800X relay? They more than doubled the lead you created in the opening leg, buddy. Sit down. You are great but you are not alone.