Thursday, March 29, 2007

Exercise musings

  • Why would you come to a step aerobics class if you don't want to use a step? That's kind of like ordering a quesadilla and asking them to hold the cheese.

  • Chocolate scented shampoo is fabulous in the shower, but regrettable when you are breathing like a phone perv, light-headed, and sweating profusely.

  • Do real hippies do step aerobics? Wouldn't they rather be out communing with nature (or if they are in Boulder, begging on the Pearl Street Mall so that they can put gas in the Range Rovers their parents paid for)? And why do white people think they can pull off dreadlocks? It just looks slovenly.

  • Are fake boobs as annoying when exercising as real ones?

  • People actually still go to jazzercise studios. I wonder if they still wear legwarmers.

This couldn't be the original video, but it's amusing in a bittersweet, state-of-denial sort of way.

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