Friday, February 09, 2007

Random 10 - Triple Creme Brie meets Cheez Whiz

Here's the list:

Ain't My Bitch - Metallica
You Thought - The Go-Go's
Mama (Choir Acapella) - Garnett Silk
Minuet in D Minor - Bach
Freddy My Love - Cindy Bullens
Sparkling Diamonds - Nicole Kidman, etc. from Moulin Rouge
It's Too Late - Gloria Estefan
Vivere - Andrea Bocelli
Goodnight, Good Guy - Collective Soul
You Spin Me Right Round - Dead or Alive

Maybe you could have guessed it, but I like show tunes. The Chicago movie soundtrack is one of my all-time favorite CDs. And Gloria did some fabulous covers on Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me. Mix in some mellow classics and some of the not-so-great songs from some fun bands, and here's what we have - an hors d'oeuvres platter fit for just about anyone.

Post yours at American Idle with my pals - Paris, Lindsay, and Britney would do it too if they noo how to uze a kompooter.


justacoolcat said...

What's the best stage musical of all time?

Slave to the dogs said...

Why, My Fair Lady, of course!

What's the most overrated? MHO - Phantom of the Opera. As illustrated by my random 10 this week, I do have a taste for cheese, but this goes beyond my limits.