Monday, February 05, 2007

Beauty in Death

Almost a month ago, at my request to bring home some flowers for a party we were having that evening, the spousal unit brought home some gorgeous red-and-yellow tulips. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers with the way they open and close daily, hungering for the sunlight. I placed them in a triangular blue vase I keep on a small shelf in our breakfast nook. They bloomed gloriously for about a week or so and then began to wilt, at which point I promptly neglected them. Last week I noticed they were still there, and took a closer look at the way they had wilted. It was picturesque enough for me to want to capture and share.

The weekend was mostly wonderful. Friday night was fun - I didn't stay long for poker but had a nice time with my colleague and her pinball-fiending family at a place that has some of the best margaritas (and worst food) in the city. Afterwards I picked up the spousal unit post-poker and we headed home.

Saturday we enjoyed the play, even though neither of us were entirely sure we completely comprehended the message. It was a modern take on Arabian Nights....sort of, sometimes. Afterwards we had a couple of hours to kill, so we grabbed a Starbucks and then window shopped for clothes and electronics. Before dinner we had time to take advantage of happy hour for some Chardonnay for me (it was freezing outside, don't ask me why I was craving chilled wine) and vodka tonics for the spousal unit. Lastly, we sat down to 4 cheese fondue, steak, chicken, lobster and shrimp which we cooked in a vegetable broth, and finally various sweets and fruits which we dipped in luscious melted dark chocolate.

Skiing had to be forgone yesterday as I woke up feeling sick. Instead I assembled the new sewing machine and tested it out using what meager supplies I had on hand. The result can be described as either a crooked sack or a doll's pillowcase. But hey, it's a start!

Sunday evening was capped off by some slippery footbal, some tasty Prince, and some Rome on HBO. All in all, a satisfying birthday weekend.

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chelene said...

I'm not surprised you were sick! All that fondue. ;) But at least it didn't ruin your birthday.