Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Girls Rule

Didn't watch much of the Grammy awards. The spousal unit and I had bet on which song The Police would play. He won, dammit - my money was on Every Breath You Take. Never been too attracted to Sting, but damn - the guy's got some guns!

I did catch Shakira tearing it up with Hips Don't Lie. I can't help but wiggle and waggle when I hear that song, and she's always fun to watch dance. Another not-too-skinny celeb, can you dig it? I sure can.

The next day, I hit YouTube to check out the other performances. And my professional musical assessment is that.....by far, the ladies kicked ass.

Mary J. and Christina were by far the vocal highlights of the evening. Wow.

Even Miss Beyonce held her own, though I do wish she would stop letting her mother dress her.

I'm pretty neutral about the Dixie Chicks but I can admire them for standing behind their convictions with Not Ready to Make Nice. I think it was obnoxious of Natalie Maynes to air her beef with US politics overseas, but the woman certainly didn't deserve death threats. You can't help but feel the fear, trepidation, and raw emotion in the song.

And of course, we got to watch Shakira.

I was disappointed in what I saw of the gents. Didn't like Gnarls Barkleys' Crazy interp. Justin was decent, but What Goes Around just isn't my favorite - I cannot forgive him for writing the lyric "My heart bleeded". I do believe he really was playing the piano based on what I saw of the rehearsal.

Here's a wrap with my favorite performance of the night.


justacoolcat said...

Ever listen to the pre-USA Shakira? It's awesome stuff.

Slave to the dogs said...

Cat - boy, you are starting to put a dent into my wallet. I went to iTunes to check out her older stuff. Awesome indeed. Her English songs are hit-or-miss, but she can really show off that amazing voice when she sings in her native tongue.

Red7Eric said...

Personally, I think every American who goes overseas has a patriotic obligation to tell as many people as possible how deeply ashamed they are of our President. Otherwise, they'll think we're all as stupid as he is.

But that's just me. The Dixie Chicks rule; I'm so happy they cleaned up.

Slave to the dogs said...

I do see your point Eric...but isn't the responsible thing to do as an American not to whine like a sore loser but to make a difference with our votes, like we just did in Congress?

Myself, I could give a shit what other countries (particularly European ones) think about Americans. Behaving morally and responsibly is what counts for me. That's where my beef with our president lies. But airing our dirty laundry on the world stage makes us appear weak as a nation. Kerry lost my respect by doing the same thing, and I voted for him.