Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crankacrampacrunk, and Paris' cunny

Today is one of those days of the month when I am least grateful to be a female. I'm lucky I'm working from home now, or my coworkers would be wanting me to get the hell out of the office by the end of the day. So I apologize in advance if I am less than my sweet, cheerful self (bwaaa-ha-ha) when replying to any posts today and tomorrow.

So what about this business? I think Chelene hit it right on the dot - these folks aren't going to make any money on this venture. I managed to get a taste of it for free thanks to The Superficial. And let me tell ya, most of it was yawn, yawn, yawn. There was a bit of unexciting sex with some guy named Jason Shaw (she flashed her "Property of Jason Shaw" dogtag necklace to the camera while they were doin' it), and a fair amount of Paris breast to be seen. The twit is deaf as a doornail (every other word in one segment was, "Wha???") and LOOOOOOOVES the camera.

Ther was one part that really made me laugh out loud. A boyfriend was filming her (and trying unsuccessfully to direct her for another sex tape) getting out of the tub. She looked in the mirror and walked away. Filming Fool told her to look in the mirror again, and when she asked why, he replied "Because you only did it once, and that really scares me."

I did see a to-do list from the Paris Junk Trunk that was also amusing. It was handwritten, and included tasks such as "Call someone if I feel like I want to throw up", "Call someone if I feel like using", and "Go to AA twice a week" (yeah, right!).


Tanya Espanya said...

Yeah, Paris...Elaine from Lainey's gossip calls her Hollywood Ebola...I love that!

Where did I read some comments somewhere that people were speculating that she seems to be a spaced out sexual abuse victim, in the way she looks dead eyed all the time, and seems to use her business area as the only currency she knows.

At any rate, she's a train wreck, as are a lot of these girls...I can't stop looking, but I feel nasty and dirty when I do...

Tanya Espanya said...

Did I just give you a link to something you already had on your site?! (please forgive, I suffer from pregnant brain)


Slave to the dogs said...

You did sweets - I picked it up from you giving it to Chelene. Great site! No harm no foul. :-)

justacoolcat said...

So you're saying there's some sort of refund program?

Umm, just asking.

chelene said...

I watched a 20 minute bit the other day with her and the sludgeball from Girls Gone Wild on a boat. I think there is really something wrong with her. Tanya's post above made me think...maybe Paris really was sexually abused. I could almost believe it if the rest of the girls (Lindsay, Tara) etc. didn't act almost exactly the same way.

Slave to the dogs said..., good luck with that. ;)

Chel - I was just thinking about that this morning, this rash of skankiness among young Hollywood starlets. Maybe there's something to the sexual abuse theory - maybe it drives these girls to become the attention whores that they are.

And I think the Girls Gone Wild guy was the one filming her in the tub scene that I described. He's disgusting too.