Friday, October 13, 2006

Working my way back to food, yeah...

With a burning love inside! Thank you, Frankie Valli. 13 pounds!!!!

Last night before softball I had a blueberry smoothie and a banana for dinner. That worked out great, wasn't shaky or weak at all for the game, which we still lost. Afterwards we went to the bar, where I pushed it and had not one but two vodka tonics as well as munching on a few fries. At home I had a carrot before bed but I awoke with a nasty tummyache. I knew I should have held off until next week on the booze.

Two of our teammates are single, one of them recently so. Over the past couple of weeks they've been suspected to be hooking up but have been fairly clandestine about it. Last night at the bar they didn't give any overt verbal confirmation, but it was obvious by their body language and bits of their conversation that it was happening. In my weakened state that left me far more vulnerable than normal to both the relaxation of inhibitions and desire to make mischief, I decided I needed to out them. After silently scheming for a few moments, I went into action. They were both stressed and complaining about the errors they'd made during the game. So I said, "Hey you two - you just need to do what we do when we make a mistake during the game...I think you two can back me up here", gesturing to the other couple at the table who were also highly suspicious of secret nookie. "You just blame it on the fact that you got nervous because you're nailing one of your teammates."

They both turned a brighter shade of red than I've seen since I ate a tomato picked from the plant that James gave me. I think the guy screwed up on his reaction though. He denied it...for a bit too long. I might have been a bit offended if I were his....girlfriend? Friend with benefits? Fuck buddy? Who knows what to call it these days.

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