Thursday, October 12, 2006

Real food...sorta

Today I'm eating again! My breakfast - a tomato and a slice of watermelon. I have to gradually go back to normal foods so I don't shock my poor digestive system. So this was not juice - but just barely. I'm doing a company lunch at On the Border and am a little nervous about what they'll have that I can consume at this point. I think a pile of nachos might make my tummy do the lambada.

I have an interview with a former boss next Monday. I've been ambivalent about working for this company based on a few issues I've had with some of their philosophies, but some friends have been working there for awhile and seem to really like it. Not to mention that this place got listed by Inc magazine as the 87th fastest growing business in the country. Wish me luck!


The Prophet said...

Yay! I love watermelon! Be careful with On the Border... I have stomach issues every time I eat there, but their Chocolate Turtle Empanadas are absolutely to die for!

Take Care,

Slave to the dogs said...

I couldn't do anything that decadent yet, Prophet. I had a salad with salsa on top and tortilla soup of which I ate the liquid portion only. Oh yeah, and three tortilla chips with salsa! I was really afraid of eating too much for my poor shrunken stomach, but I seem to be doing OK.