Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I swore it was exit only...

But yesterday, I succumbed to the enema required by my juice fast. It was most foul - you don't really need any more information about the actual event than that. I felt a little sore last night as I was going to sleep. I hope that doesn't last.

Today I'm down 7 pounds, and haven't felt much hunger at all. I have had a dull headache most of the day, which is a side effect from beginning to detoxify. Here's today's menu:

Morning and snack: pineapple watermelon with a splash of pomegranate
Lunch: carrot and sweet potato (sounds icky but was actually quite tasty)
Dinner: think I'll do asparagus, celery, tomato, cucumber, and garlic, with a dash of salt, pepper, and tabasco.

Check out this bullshit. The spousal unit worked with one of these wingnut Christians. It's FANTASY, people, not Wicca....and very morally friendly fantasy at that. How in the hell do you call it anti-Christian? And what's next...Tolkien? These are the type of right-winged, intolerant Christians that give proper Christ lovers a bad name. I wish they would show some reason, like this guy. Personally, I think that moderate Christians should tell these folks to shut the bleep up, much the same as I believe moderate Muslims should police the fundamentalist terrorists that has the West quaking in our boots. Thankfully the Jerry Falwell types don't kill anyone though - they usually just make asses of themselves.

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James said...

I agree with the spousal unit...enemas are cause for picking another diet. I'd rather be fat than rectally probed. Yikes!