Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pummeled off the deep end

We've all known for some time that Mike Tyson ain't quite all there. Rape charges. Bitten ears. Maori tattoos. But now he's taken it one further. Seems like ole Mikey has had enough of batting women around in his personal life, and wants to do it inside the ropes instead. Good look finding a willing opponent, Mike.

I had a quiet weekend as the spousal unit jetted off to a bachelor party in Philadelphia. Had I known I would be treated with lovely stories of bare asses being rubbed on his crotch upon his return, I might have been a little more supervisory regarding the details of the evening. On the homefront things were much more tame. Saturday I touched up spots from our grand whole-house painting extravaganza over the summer (need to post pics), and that evening I went to a corn maze and haunted house with some friends. It was a great haunted house - I think we're going to take the spousal unit's nephew who will be in town this weekend.

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The Prophet said...

I didn't hear that about Mike Tyson. That guy scares me, but I know some women who might be able to take him.