Thursday, August 23, 2007

weekend at Bernie's

Not Bernie's. Georgie's. As in H.W. Bush. OK, not at Georgie's. Near Georgie's. Semantics, bah.

Last weekend I had a company meeting in Kennebunkport, ME. Lovely place, Maine, but damn chilly for August. I can't imagine wintering there. Our hotel was just around the bend from the Bush compound. Wouldn't that be cool, to have not just a summer house but a compound? Here's a picture of the place.

As we were leaving we saw some cars pull up and a bunch of people pile out in front of the main house. Likely some of the lesser Bush clanspeople. A colleague's wife actually saw Papa Bush out sailing and took a photograph.

One of my colleauges went to India to get married in June (we were invited to the wedding - received the invite the week of the ceremony. Wouldn't it have been a hoot to show up? Oh, and there were 1800 people at the reception. Good thing food is cheap there). His wife was at the meeting and she appears to still dress in traditional Indian style. I had to compliment her on her saris - such a beautiful, colorful form of dress (no Chelene, I don't think they come in all black). Some genius came up with the suggestion that all the women should wear saris to our Christmas party. I'd feel like a huge poseur trying to wear one myself.

Unfortately the weekend was all business and I didn't get to pick up a tchotchke for our travel bathroom as I'd hoped. Such a shame, as the streets were lined with adorable shops. The spousal unit got to poke around the town while I worked on Saturday. We're thinking we'll go back some time, maybe take the mother-in-law.

Here's a video from the plane ride home. It still doesn't do the storm justice.


justacoolcat said...

I know a funny story about that old place. A friend of mine has some blue blood and was at a Wedding on the estate. Who drives up? None other than pre-decider dubya and crashes into my buddies car. At which point he gets out of his bush mobile, shoots my buddy a dirty look, and walks into the party.

My buddy was like "Hey . . .what an ass . . ."

The valet then said "Do you know who that is? And informed him"

There was no damage to the car, but for eyars my buddy has said "I hate George Bush; he ruined my red sweater."

(I think my buddy may have spilled when his car was bumped)

Anonymous said...

"...Oh, and there were 1800 people at the reception. Good thing food is cheap there..."

So is the labour to serve it. I have been to three weddings in my travels in India. Lot of fun!

chelene said...

For a sari I would accept a dark red. :)

That storm is damn scary.

Slave to the dogs said...

Cat - I can imagine he'd have been pissed after trying to get into the place - big security team at the gate.

Rhet - India is on our list of places to see. It's just so damn far away. What fun the weddings must have been!

Chel - it seemed like we were far enough above the storm for it to not be scary. I zoomed in a bit for the video.