Friday, August 10, 2007

We the Simpsons

Because I've been way too busy to be creative, I'm going to completely rip off Beckeye and post myself and the spousal unit as we would appear on The Simpsons. I have bangs now and don't usually wear my glasses (which I really should do more often, they are Lulu Guinness with the most adorable bling), but you get the gist.

That photo of me was taken with our now-defunct camera. Clearly it once functioned properly. No word back yet from Costco, BTW. I think they are stalling, hoping I'll just go away.

On another note....

Why is it that so many of the womeen out there in the workforce are either twits or bitches? They give us competent, reasonable gals too much to make up for. Grrr.


mur said...

The caricatures are cool...but what are bangs?
There are a few guys out there that can give you the shits too and have you been to London where bad service by both genders takes on a whole new meaning? (I sound like a whingeing pom!)

chelene said...

Your Simpsons pics look good. Maybe I'll do it. I hope I don't come out looking like Barney.

BeckEye said...

Those are pretty accurate Simpsonizations!

In other have won the most coveted award in all of Blogdom. Come see, come see. Wear that badge with honor, girl.

Anonymous said...

"...Why is it that so many of the womeen out there in the workforce are either twits or bitches?..."

I do so hope this was meant to be a rhetorical question.
If not, I proffer:
"The same reason so many of the men out there are c***s and a**holes"

That is?

Oh and watching the Simpsons too much.

Nice smile girlfriend. Hubby looks a tad unamused. Does he know you have made him famous now on the Internet?

Slave to the dogs said...

Mur - bangs are short hairs that hang and cover your forehead. Uma Thurman rocked some killer bangs in Pulp Fiction. And if you think you sound like a whining pom now, just wait....

Chel - a beer and a barstool weren't accessory choices so I think you're safe.

Beckeye - I hope it's OK that I'm wearing my Firecrotch banner with pride.

Rhet - true, we women don't have the monopoly on that. And I honestly haven't watched the Simpsons in about 10 years or so, but I couldn't resist this!

And the pic - we were out a club, so the spousal unit was wearing the "Ï'm too cool to smile" expression.

Anonymous said...

The Simpsons, like booze - good in small doses and at irregular intervals.
I use the "too cool to smile" look as well, especially when I am not experiencing 'regularity'.

Anonymous said...

You look like my sister.
This is strangely disconcerting for me.

Slave to the dogs said...

Rhet - irregularity is seldom a problem for the spousal unit.

If you look like (a younger version of) my father then it makes sense that I also look like your sister. Long lost relatives, perhaps? I'm of Czech/German/Spanish/French descent on my dad's side.

Anonymous said...

I am of Dutch descent.
1646 in the New World, New Amsterdam(now NYC)
Garret and Adrian often slept with the daughters of the Mayflower folks who landed down the coasr a bit