Friday, August 03, 2007

On perspective

Check out this picture.

You may ask, how did you hang the evil Sasha from the couch? But then here is her same pose from a different angle:

Freaky dog likes to lie on her side with her legs up in the air against the wall/couch/whatever vertical surface she's next to.

Next, I have to rant about the guy in my row on my flight home from Cool-umbus yesterday (the trip which explains why I've been so quiet all week). You know those wealthy folks who go to pains to say and demonstrate that they are not but then in the same breath make statements that illustrate they have no clue how normal they're really not? That was this guy.

"Oh, JK Rowling won't write any more books. That's what she said when I met her. I'm weird, I'm a book collector. My father had a bunch of books that turned out to be worth 1.4 million, and I couldn't afford to insure them (?) so I had to turn them over to the Royal Museum to keep them safe. So now I'm collecting Harry Potter first editions and I just paid $15,000 for this one. I'm visiting my wife's family who is from Colorado and will never leave. We bought into a ranch in the foothills with them, and we paid $300,000 for some property in Frisco that she got offered $3 million for last week. Her brother has a real nice house in, Cherry...what's it called? Across from the country club? [Note: this is Cherry Creek, arguably the poshest neighborhood in the entire state] It's nice, but they have no land! We have 50 acres outside Columbus. My wife made us get horses, she was raised with them. Her brother is making me play polo tomorrow, I really don't get that sport."

And on and on and on and on......Did I mentioned the guy seemed rather self-centered? He must have recalled his therapist's instructions at some point, because he did manage to ask me and our fellow rowmate where we lived, but that was about it.

And finally, Sarah Ashlee makes an excellent point on the lack of the subject of this post that Americans and specifically our media are exhibiting.


BeckEye said...

You should have gotten all wild-eyed and said, "Oh J.K. Rowling will write another book...if she ever wants to get out of my basement."

justacoolcat said...

Stella does the same thing. She must push against something with her legs outstretched while laying down and she often sleeps on her back with her legs straight up in the air. Dogs are weird.

As for your flight; I'm amazed you talk to people on a plane.

Slave to the dogs said...

LOL Beckeye - that would have been perfect! I'll tuck that into storage for future use, thank you very much.

Cat - odd, entertaining creatures indeed. All our dogs like to push us with their legs outstretched too.

And...I genereally don't talk to strangers on the plane. Not my style. But this jerk opened his pie-hole when middle-seat guy busted out the Harry Potter book and just kept going and going and.....

Anonymous said...

It would have stopped instantly had you said:

"Who is J.K. Rowling?"

Afte his answer, you say:

"Harry who? Never heard of him."

Then you ask the other rowmate:

"So, have you ever done a man with a strap-on?"

Assuming the rowmate was a woman. That'll shut him up right quick.