Monday, August 13, 2007

I/O Error

As in, Idiot Operator.

It's amazing how the quality of the pictures your camera takes improves after cleaning the lens.

Check the post below for an updated photo of the curtains if you're interested. They look much nicer.


chelene said...

Much better. All that just from cleaning the lens?

Slave to the dogs said...

I also reset all the settings to the factory defaults. But I'm pretty sure the primary issue was the goopy lens.

Sarah Ashlee said...

Much better! I thought something was severely wrong with my last camera the first time I took it out. Everything was smudgy and gross looking. Come to find was the intense humidity in Alabama. Screws everything up! :)

I let it adjust to the weather and everything was peachy!

Anonymous said...

Like I said, vaselining the lense for those romantic "Boudoir" photos you took for me would come back to haunt you.

Slave to the dogs said...

Sarah - it's been humid here lately. I think that's what I'll blame it on. Yeah....that's the ticket.

Rhet, you must have me confused with someone else who looks like your sister. :)

Anonymous said...

That is just sick!
The new photograph does display your couturier skill with much greater acuity now though.