Friday, November 17, 2006

Random 10 - best yet

This is my favorite random 10 I've posted so far. It wrapped with songs from 3 of my personal favorite CDs - Franz Ferdinand, White Blood Cells, and Fever In Fever Out. Add in a few more fab artists and some booty shakin' (which I am always down with), and you've got a sweet way to kick off Friday morning.

Here's the list:

Love Song for No One - John Mayer
Cherish the Day - Sade
Gimme the Car - Violent Femmes
Heart Attack Man - Beastie Boys
(Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty - KC & the Sunshine Band
Hobbit on the Rocks - Toad the Wet Sprocket
Ruby Sees All - Cake
Michael - Franz Ferdinand
Why Do I Lie? - Luscious Jackson
I Think I Smell a Rat - White Stripes

Maybe the good list is an omen. I have a verbal job offer which I'm really excited about. The only details left to hash out are vacation (they offer 2 weeks to start, I want more). The position involves some travel, up to 30% with the possibility of some international. The remaining work would be done out of my home office. So I won't be behind this fascist firewall anymore and can actually look at the youtube videos when my fellow bloggers post them. Wish me luck!!!

Oh, and join Chelene, justacoolcat, James, and many other fun folks and post your Random 10 at American Idle. Do it, or I will come hold you down and force you listen to the best of Richard Marx on repeat!!!


jbruckerhoff said...

John Mayer is awesome!!! I want to see him live.

You mess with me about the Richard Marx thing, and I'll get out my Best of Michael Bolton and make you listen to it with the volume all the way up!

chelene said...

It would be quite simple for me to force someone to listen to Richard Marx...especially since I OWN that CD!!!

Oh, the things we admit to in the blogosphere...

Slave to the dogs said...

Velvet, I hear great things about the Mayer live. That he's quite jazzy. I think we could kill each other with a Marx/Bolton playoff.

Chel - I'm sooooooooooo disappointed in you.... ;) But hey, I had a Jessica Simpson song show up on one of my lists, so who am I to criticize?

PrettyRandomThoughts said...

Was is this random 10 stuff?