Friday, November 17, 2006

I got it

My extra week of vacation was agreed to. As soon as I have an offer letter in my grubby little hands, I can give notice. No more ending up on the HR watchlist because I google "Iraq death sentence" (the watchlist thing is purely theoretical, but those Google results are indeed blocked within our network, along with anything containing "gun", "ass" (which I just now tested out of curiosity), youtube, MySpace,, and multitudes of other interesting but nonproductive Internet uses).

Zippity do-dah!!!


chelene said...

Congratulations! My company blocks The drives me crazy.

PrettyRandomThoughts said...

I hate that. I can't even do Google image searches as of Monday this week. All because some twit Google searched the images of whips! Hello!

justacoolcat said...

Ever hear of a proxy server?

My company blocks everything good too.

Uncle Jim said...

You are supposed to be working, not dicking around on the company computer!!!

Just kidding.

Slave to the dogs said...

Chel, thanks! I'm really excited. They are even flying me and the spousal unit out to Boston for the annual Christmas party and company meeting the weekend before I officially start.

PRT - ummm, stop googling whips then! ;)

Cat, I have indeed heard of a proxy server. Unfortunately they have the search results for "proxy" blocked too, and I suspect all the main proxy pages too. They mean business, I tell you.

Jim - doing what you are supposed to is no fun.

jbruckerhoff said...
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Velvet Cowboy said...

Oh, I know. I can't even get into any of my email sites except for Outlook which is through my company email address.