Sunday, May 14, 2006


OK, want to know if there's anybody else out there like this. More often than not I seem to have a soundtrack playing in my head. Oftentimes it's a song that relates to something going on in my life (i.e. "Mountain Song" by Jane's Addiction when I am skiing, "Don't Lie" by the Black Eyed Peas when I'm tempted to be dishonest, or "Possum Kingdom" by the Toadies). Other times it's just some random jingle or bit of music that gets garrilously lodged in my craw. That's what's there now. "Spider man, spider man, does whatever a spider can."

I think it's a result of being a Real World addict during my formative early adult years (sidebar - Real World is coming to Denver!!!). That I need to feel like my life fits into a set of tried and true experiences. Or that I really am off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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