Tuesday, May 09, 2006

God's work, part deux

A few weeks ago the kerpupples took the spousal unit and I camping just south of Moab, Utah. I'd never been to the area before. Even though I grew up in Northwest New Mexico and have seen my fair share of sandstone formations, this still took my breath away. The picture below was taken at Canyonlands National Park, near where we camped.

It amazes me that that lazy little trickle called the Colorado River that you see meandering its way through the bottom of this magnificent chasm created the whole scene. Clearly its course has slowed significantly over the centuries.

The camping was fun, mainly because it was the first trip of the season. The soil was very dusty, making it somewhat challenging to pitch a tent. Ripley loved it though, as it made for easy diggin' during her obligatory camping critter chase.

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The town of Moab was a tad bit disappointing. There was a Jeep Safari being held there that weekend so it was very crowded. The spousal unit got quite a kick out of a restaurant sign that read "Welcome Jeep Safarians". Equated it to Rastafarianism. He really is a clever dear. Also, while dining in a greasy spoon, we overheard a local real estate agent commenting that locals can't afford the real estate there as 25K a year is quite a good income in the area. That sort of plight troubles me.


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