Thursday, May 25, 2006

See what an a-hole

The kerpupples can see that the spousal unit and I are frazzled down to our last nerve, and are sending us off on a much-needed vacation on Saturday. Spousal unit has cleverly started pronouncing Zihuatanejo as the title of the post. It works, but I hope we don't see too many a-holes while we're there. We're staying in Ixtapa, which is an ajdacent planned-resort town similiar to but smaller than Cancun. We plan on spending a fair amount of time in Zih though - maybe keep our eyes open for Andy Dufresne or his offspring. I was suprised to see that the population is as large as it is, as Mr. King represented it as a tiny fishing village in Shawshank. But, maybe it was in the era in which Shawshank took place.

The kerpupples have decided to take the opportunity to spend time with our friend James and his 2 pooches. Though time in the presence of the kerpupples is payment in itself, we offered to bring him back a sweet mamacita should we see the opportunity. James buddy, maybe this would be one way to stick it, albeit in a very small way, to the Republican majority and their immigration focus. You could marry her and keep her here. Waddaya think?

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James said...

Just make sure she knows how to make tortillas.