Thursday, May 18, 2006

New age hooey - now for pets!

First off, I want to qualify this observation by stating that I'm a yogini. I dig it. I'm still aspiring to get my heels all the way to the ground in downward-facing dog, because I'm a damn inflexible lass. But it has done wonders for my posture, my spinal health, ability to cope with stress, and overall well-being.

Well, some marketing wonder (I say this not entirely facetiously, because people actually pay money for this crap) deciced they needed to share the goodness that is yoga with the canine world. Hence the birth of yoga classes for dogs. Err, excuse me. Doga.

Is it really a suprise to anyone that a dog would do a pose such as upward-facing dog? The pose was named after the animal's natural stretching posture. If I didn't think it were strange and somewhat cruel, I'd be interested in seeing how a yogi coaxes a dog into, say, a warrior pose.

But I'd bet money that folks like Gwyneth and Madonna send their pooches to such classes. And therein lies the genius.

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