Wednesday, May 24, 2006

But she's a HOO-AH!

OK, I just have to say that I pegged a subplot on the Sopranos this season. Carmela does indeed seem to be catching wind of Adriana getting whacked. I predicted that she would cause trouble about it. Based on what we've seen of her feeling listless and seeming to admire Angie the auto shop mobstrina having her own deal, I'm wondering if she might want to get into the business herself. We shall see.

Another storyline I'm still wondering whether or not I may have called deals with AJ. I thought that maybe we might see him get made before the end of the series. He certainly seems to have a desire for the money and glamour that comes along with it, and Tony has gotten him a job in "construction" (if he works as little as Finn did when he had a construction job last season, I pity AJ not at all). I'll be watching this one closely as well.

Dammit - I could be a Sopranos writer!


James said...

A.J. is missing one thing that all the mobsters have: respect. Respect for authority, for tradition, for the old ways. There he was talking to the media, then he keeps getting in trouble, yadda yadda yadda. He's never going to be made. He's too selfish and immature. Plus, I don't think Tony will let him. His mob son is Chris, and as long as he can keep his head out of the dope, he's happy with that.

As for Carmela getting involved in the business...I doubt it. I'll agree that she looks at Angie Aprile as a role model, but not in the organized crime aspect. I think she looks at Angie and sees independence. She sees that she, Carmela, could do whatever she needed to do without anyone's help and she doesn't have to rely on Tony. Remember, her big issue during their separation was that she wanted to be taken care I think she's realizing she can take care of herself. That, and her Catholic guilt, will push her away from mob life, especially if the showdown with Phil Leotardo comes to a head, which it probably will.

As for Ade's murder...I'm willing to bet even Christopher doesn't know she's dead. But he might find out....

Slave to the dogs said...

Yeah, but you know what else AJ lacks? The ability to delay gratification for a long-term goal. He wants the dough, the glamour, etc., and he wants it NOW. Doesn't want to sit through 4+ years of college and pay his dues to get it. This is why I'm still leaning towards AJ getting folded in. He may go around Tony somehow. And there are plenty of other youngsters in that share AJ's lack of respect for authority and tradition - just look at Doogie Howser's friend (forget the character's name) that was stealing credit card numbers from Artie.

So we agree on Carm wanting independence. But turning away from mob life? No way. She enjoys the perks too much. She even looked to Tony for mob intervention on her spec house when it wasn't working out. ;

Dude, I know Chrissy is dumb, but he ain't THAT dumb. And did you miss the episode where it showed him going to Tony and telling him the Feds had gotten to Ade and that Chrissy couldn't take care of it himself? He knows.