Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ponder this

The spousal unit is going to see Tool tonight. In looking at their website I saw that they played in Utah last night.

This really had me perplexed. Utah - land of Mormons and polygamy. How in the world are enough Tool fans rounded up to fill a concert venue there? And if so, what does a Mormon Tool fan look like?

For your enjoyment, pics of a few famous Mormons. Take a guess: Tool fan, or no?

Here I'm referring to Jon Heder the actor, not Napoleon Dynamite the character.

Yes, I read little Ricky Schroder converted recently. Guess that Silver Spoon belongs to the Church now.


James said...

Steve Young is a Mormon??

Uncle Jim said...

Steve Young is a desendant of Brigam Young, the founder of the mormon church.