Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ghetto Poo

We had a recurrence of the Camp Nazi over the weekend. The ranger drove by the campsite in the morning and informed us we have to leash the kerpupples. Apparently they used to let it slide but got too many complaints. Personally, I think people have gotten far too uptight.

So for a time, we tied the kerpupples up by tying a rope between two trees, threaded through their leash handles. Well, Ripley saw a chipmunk off in the distance and shot off after it. I expected her to experience a serious dose of whiplash, but instead her collar broke. Not wanting to leave her collarless, we made a makeshift collar by running a piece of rope through the tag holder of her broken collar.

Here she is. Ain't she ghetto?

I tried to replace the collar with a pretty pink one today (with a metal fastener that won't break like the last one did), but the one I bought was too large (she's not as fat as I thought she was) so I need to exchange it. So she gets to be Ghetto Poo a bit longer.


Uncle Jim said...

You need to find some camp spots where there are no rangers or camp ground host. Let me know before you take your next trip and I'll point you in the right direction.
I never put my boxer on a leash when we camp

Slave to the dogs said...

We've gone to this campground for years without ever having a problem. This is the first year the ranger said anything to us about it. I tell ya - people are getting uptight!

So do these camp spots you know of have outhouses?

PrettyRandomThoughts said...

I think you secretly enjoy the abuse by the ranger, why else would you keep going back for more! I suggest you either deal with the a-hole or buy a taser and use it on him with much relish and gusto.

Slave to the dogs said...

The last guy was the "camp host". He lived in an RV on the campsite and clearly did not play well with others.

This was just the nice old guy who drives around collecting the campground fees.