Monday, August 28, 2006

A bit too much....

I've been pushing my poor liver harder than usual lately.

Thursday I met the spousal unit at Applebee's prior to our softball game to have a beer and split an appetizer. This proved to be useful for our double-header, both games of which we won. After the games we joined our teammates at C.B. & Potts for a few more brewskis. A team member tried to engage me in a wager over whether another teammate could engage in, er, relations with someone and insert a certain opposable digit into a particular orifice. I scoffed at his offer as no valid proof of such an action would be available.

Friday I felt like hell at work, and was limited to watching The Family Stone that evening with the spousal unit while eating takeout from the Black Eyed Pea and nursing a glass of red wine. Though I like many of the actors in the movie, there was just too much going on and I couldn't rouse myself to care much about any one character.

Saturday we played 18 holes of golf, fueled by a delay under the lightning shelter along with the beer cart. Post golf we met a friend for a quick drink, then headed home to change for a BBQ we'd been invited to. All these activities resulted in copious amounts of beer being consumed. So yesterday I felt like hell too. I think I'm getting to old for this.

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Uncle Jim said...

Softball, Beer, Golf, Wine.
Sounds a lot like me.
I drank wine last night.
I'm playing 18 holes this afternoon.
Tonight I have a double header softball game.
Then I'm drinking some beer.