Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Camping geek

So the kerpupples are taking the spousal unit and I camping this weekend. SU is an uber camping geek. Every time we go he comes up with several new must-haves for the upcoming trip. This time he ran out to get us some headlamps. Now, don't get me wrong - I realize how superhandy headlamps are. But let's face it - you look like a dork wearing one. So I've given the spousal unit crap about buying one for me (though it's all in fun - fashion is really of no concern when camping). And now he's tickled pink with his new toy. He wore it around the house all day on Sunday, prompting curses from me every time he shined i t in my face. And yesterday the kerpupples took us for a walk at dusk, so the headlamp came along too.

Ripley's hips are back to normal, for her. SU has discovered a place where we can take her swimming in a pool for exercise therapy. I think we'll all love it.


Valerio said...

i wanna be your dog..

Uncle Jim said...

Forget the head lamps, go get some night vision goggles!!!

PrettyRandomThoughts said...

So, are these the kind of headlamps a gynecologist would wear? If so, did they come with a lab coat?

James said...

Wait a second...You look like a dork wearing one?

You know this how exactly?? Hmm?

One thing I know is you'll find them plenty handy, for all sorts of applications.

Slave to the dogs said...

Don't worry James, you're not the first person I've seen in a headlamp, so you didn't inspire the dorkiness comment.

And yes, I did find it extremely handy - though unlike the spousal unit, I only wore mine when it was DARK.

Jim - please do not give the spousal unit any ideas. :)

prettyrandomthoughts - my gyno does NOT wear a headlamp - does yours? hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Jim, lemme just say, as the spousal unit, you have inspired me. I am going shopping.

PrettyRandomThoughts said...

No, he uses a flood light.