Monday, July 24, 2006

What did he think he could get away with

It just blows my mind that Richard Hatch is being sent to prison for tax evasion. You remember him - the winner of the first Survivor? He didn't pay taxes on his million bucks. Did he really think nobody would notice? Now he's sentenced to over 4 years in prison. Stupid fuck.

Entourage just cracks me up. A friend of a friend calls it Sex and the City for guys. I think that's a great analogy. Wonder if they're gonna try and keep pushing Eric's threesome plot. Personally, I think he should stick with Sloan. A little munchkin like him needs a petite gal like her, not an Amazonian hottie like Tory (and like myself, I might add :-).


Uncle Jim said...

Hatch is one dumb fat gay guy.

PrettyRandomThoughts said...

I didn't notice that he didn't pay the taxes on it. Hmmmmmm.

James said...

He's not so fat now, but that gay thing is gonna help him in prison, I think.