Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I do!

The 5 year anniversary of my marriage to the spousal unit is quickly approaching. We've had a rough couple of years - gone through some hard times and losses of close family members. Well, it's finally started to feel like I'm getting the marriage I wanted back. And I'd suspected the spousal unit felt the same way. Well, to my delight those suspicions were confirmed yesterday. We were talking about getting away somewhere for that weekend to celebrate. The spousal unit suggested Vegas, to which I was not overly enthusiastic since we will be there for a Halloween wedding as well. He came back to Vegas though, and said he'd like it if it could be just the two of us there because....Will you marry me?

Yippee! Yesiree, spousal unit. I would marry you again a hundred times.

So I think the plan is to write some personal vows and exchange them with each other at some special place that anniversary weekend. Some folks seem to think a ceremony would be a good idea. But I'm not having another unless I can wear this dress.

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