Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Kermonikers

My brain works in goofy ways, truly. It seems to always be churning in the background, trying to make new nicknames for the kerpupples out of words that I hear.

For example, while on vacation recently in Mexico the television was turned to a Stargate rerun (I think the dialog was still in English, with subtitles en espanol). From a reference to Anubis, I came up with the jewels Aroobis and Apoobis. And collectively, they can be called the Atwobis! Now, these are actually pretty clever given Anubis' jackal head. I think they'll stick.

Last night, the spousal unit and I finally got around to watching Hotel Rwanda. We've had it in stock from Netflix since December or so, but have held back I think due to the extremely depressing subject matter. The issues in Rwanda were between the Tutsi, a lighter-skinned, more caucasian-looking group of Rwandans, and the Hutu, whose appearance was more classically African (the darker ones were actually killing the lighter ones in this scenario). Working as it does, my brain associated the black dog Ripley, aka Poo, with the Hutu, and came up with Pootu. Likewise, blonde Roscoe became Rootsi. The spousal unit quickly convinced me that transforming this horrible genocidal blight in history into cute puppy names is, er, somewhat insensitive. He's right, and these names won't be sticking. But I still just have to marvel at the way my brain works. An odd duck am I.

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