Monday, July 17, 2006

The gathering storm

I'm seeing headlines today that a cease-fire could happen between Hezbollah and Israel if the kidnapped Israeli soldiers are returned unharmed. I really hope that happens. This whole turn of events does not bode well if it cannot be resolved quickly.

Of course, President Bush thinks that Israel needs to just get Syria to make Hezbollah stop doing this shit. Sure. Israel and Syria have a terrific rapport.

Sorry. The spousal unit often criticizes my use of sarcasm as "the lowest form of wit". My bad.

Watched Munich on Friday night with the spousal unit and a friend. It felt especially significant given what was going on in Lebanon that very day. I really admire the message of that film. An eye for an eye truly does leave the world blind. Somebody just has to have the courage to refrain from retaliation. That's the difficult part.

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James said...

Being as I've been preoccupied with the job and other things (Avenged Sevenfold anyone?), I haven't been paying attention to the stuff happening in Lebanon. I saw Bush's comment, which seemed pretty "no duh" to me, as well as somewhat humorous that it was such a big deal he cursed. (OMG! The President said the S word!)

I agree with you on the eye for an eye stuff, though. Old Jesus had a point with that one.

Too bad we're talking about Jews and Muslims tho. They got their own thing going.