Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here Comes The Rain Again

Fallin' on my head like a tragedy
Fallin' on my head like it's not almost freakin' June already!!!

Shit weather in NM Thursday and Friday. More of the same when we got home last night. Summer sure seems to be dragging its feet this year, and winter still has spring tied up in the closet.

The good side is that all the plants look wonderful. I planted some zinnias, hollyhocks, and rose moss seeds before we left and they're all coming up. Sunshine after all this moisture should make them grow like weeds. Ha.

Yesterday before we left the mouse appeared again, but this time Roscoe caught it! We made him drop it for fear of rabies or hantavirus. Guess who got stuck disposing of the poor little critter? Yours truly! I picked it up with a couple of paper towels. It wasn't quite dead, and I didn't want it to suffer too terribly in the hot waste bin I was going to toss it in. So I put the entire bundle on the ground and stomped on it first. A little bit of bloody goo shot out from the paper towels. I was unsettled for a few hours afterwards.

No sign of mama robin today. I'm bummed and not looking forward to retrieving the eggs out of the nest.


BeckEye said...

Now that Eurythmics song will be in my head all day...and I HATE it! Rats! Er, mice!

spleeness said...

oof! that must have been tough. My sympathies... (about the mouse)

justacoolcat said...

I hate mice. Hate.

Slave to the dogs said...

Beckeye - even if Michael Johns were singing it?

Spleeness - the worst part was the remorse I felt after the squish.

JACC - as any self-respecting cat should! I'm not a fan of mice in my house but the poor little hurt guy was staring at me and he looked so pitiful.

Pugs said...

Just thinking about the squishy mess you made after stomping out that poor little things life turned my stomach...

Megan said...

You're a better woman than I...

BeckEye said...

Ok, well now I will just keep imagining Michael Johns singing "talk to me like lovers do" and I will have to keep taking cold showers.

Metro said...

I congratulate you.

I have an expression that I picked up somewhere: "You have to shoot your own dog." It means accepting Chinese responsibility for your dependants (or anything, really). It also echoes the final scenes of "Old Yeller."

Many of my neighbours refuse to restrain their cats, nor neuter them. Ditto dogs. They'll tell you "It's cruel." That may, of course, be what happened to mama robin.

In my former hometown, soft-headed university students, returning home after term, would release their pet bunnies in the wild. The destruction was awful.

In another town, summering tourists would purchase puppies for their children. Then when it came time to return to their rent-controlled and decidedly "no-pets" 780-sq-ft apartment, they'd drive the poor critter, now full-grown, into the mountains, throw the tennis ball as far as they could, and drive away whistling "Born Free."

Apparently abandoning it to die wild, betrayed, possibly diseased, and hungry was not as "cruel" as letting the SPCA put the poor thing down.

These are the same people who could not cope when their cats brought home lizards from which they had chewed the back legs, or when the dog brought home broken-backed rats, still twitching.

You took responsibility for taking care of the problem. The mouse died quickly and likely didn't even notice the transition. Its panic and pain are over. Well done.

On the garden: I live in a desert. I haven't had to water more than twice this year thus far. If summer ever arrives, I think it's going to be a scorcher.

Slave to the dogs said...

Metro - many people will excuse their own sensibilities (or lack thereof) under the guise of being "humane". It horrifies me to read of scenarios like the one you described.

There's desert in Canada? Who knew? I have this picture of 3 possible environments - forest, tundra, or city.

Metro said...

Well, desert is mainly a question of elevation, and we have some mighty high places (some getting higher all the time).

This morning it was seven degrees Celsius by the lake and there was snow on the local hills. By Saturday the forecast says we'll be seeing thirty.

I'll take massive weather mood-swings over 280 cloudy days per year, which is what Mme and I moved here from, anytime.

Slave to the dogs said...

If the oceans are rising then aren't high elevations actually getting lower?