Monday, May 12, 2008

Dia de los Madres

Headed down to see the mamacita for the weekend. She lives just 2 1/2 hours away from us now so it's a quick skip. The trip yesterday morning took me through Castle Rock.

Stephen King fans know the name of this fictional Maine town well. What you may not realize is that monsieur King lived briefly as a child in our lovely state. Makes sense, given that a few of his non-Maine books (The Stand, The Shining, Misery) are in fact set here. Thus, I choose to believe that above rock partly inspired the stories that have haunted me over the years.

Next stop, Colorado Springs, or as locals call it, the Springs. Gorgeous vistas abound, of the quality that make you think God likes this place. Perhaps that's why so many of his Christian followers flock here.

I snapped a shot with my phone that didn't come out of a Got Jesus? bumper sticker. If I didn't, do you think I could pick up a quart of Jesus at the corner store?

Finally, to casa de Mama. We spent a leisurely day lunching and taking the dogs (all 4 of them) to frolic in the Arkansas river.

Sunday we had waffles for breakfast and then headed out on the Royal Gorge train route. Mother nature cooperated and we were able to spend some time in the open air car. Here's a pic of the world's highest suspension bridge.

And finally, back home. Ripley and Roscoe were not thrilled by the long car ride.


justacoolcat said...

A good dog is a tired dog.

chelene said...

I didn't know that King lived in CO. Now it all makes sense to me.

Slave to the dogs said...

JACC - the dogs were VERY good after romping in the river.

Chelene - he mentions it in his book On Writing. He also lived briefly in Boulder as an adult.

Megan said...

I'd love to see that bridge "in person." I don't think I could walk over it though!

Slave to the dogs said...

Megan, I'm soooo scared of heights so I'm fairly certain I couldn't walk across it either.

Pugs said...

The dog looks hilarious! LOL

Slave to the dogs said...

Pugs - they keep us entertained.