Monday, July 23, 2007

Evil temptation

Look at this bitch. Look at her!

Trots though the door and the alpha humans decide to take her in. What about me? I'm the alpha dog. Don't I get a say?

The alphas are constantly taking her off to some function called "obedience class". I don't know what that is, but they go in the car, which means it has to be fun. Ripley's not much for the car, but I try to get in with the humans whenever they go anywhere. Needless to say, my exclusion from this "obedience class" does not please me.

And oh, does Sasha tease. Flaunts that delicious, slender little figure in front of me constantly. Makes me want to bite her and ride her simultaneously. And I try. Damn, do I try. But these parts of mine won't seem to do what I want them to.

Let's not overlook how she tries to take Ripley's spot as top bitch. Sasha may be slim and sexy, but my brick house will always own my doggy heart. No amount of snapping, or food-stealing, or toy-hording will change that, Sasha!

Thanks for listening, humans. I'm off to chase squirrels in my dreams (at least that's what the humans think I'm dreaming about - check out my twitchy foot).


chelene said...

Hilarious! And Sasha is one sexy bitch with gorgeous eyes.

Sarah Ashlee said...

Haha - so funny! What beautiful babes... :)

Anonymous said...

Chelene took my line!
I still love Ripley though.
She was named after Sigourney's character in Aliens, yes? How could you not love her?

justacoolcat said...

What a bitch!

Slave to the dogs said...

I was wondering if I should be consistent and let Roscoe answer the comments too, but I think I'll cover for him this time.

Chel - everyone at obedience training always says "Ooh, she's so pretty, I love her eyes!" I guess the appropriate response is thanks even though they're not my gorgeous eyes.

Sarah Ashlee - I can't imagine life without them!

Rhet - Aliens indeed, though she's nowhere near as fierce as Ellen Ripley. I always smile obligingly though, whenever someone says "Oh, Ripley's Believe It or Not!" She was our first will always be dearest in that regard.

Yes Cat, but a SEXY bitch. :)

Anonymous said...

Nowhere as fierce?
I can envision my darling Ripley uttering the following to Sasha:

"Get away from (him) you bitch!"

Slave to the dogs said...

LOL Rhet! Sasha skitters about the house like an Alien too. I like that!