Thursday, July 12, 2007

My master makes me groan

Hello humans, this is Ripley. The alpha female has given me permission to blog here while she takes a break.

Yes, this is a much younger picture of me. You got a problem with that? It's a tough world for us old bitches.

Alpha female may have told you that alpha male is extremely fond of puns. I don't know what that is, it is not in my vocabulary of food, sleep, good dog, bad dog, and outside and its corollaries potty, walk, and mail. But he likes them, and they make the alpha female groan.

Last night before bed the alphas were watching the television (which sometimes makes the doorbell magically ring, wretched device) and saw a preview for something called "The Omen 666". The alpha female had previously viewed this with the alpha male, who had apparently never seen the original version. Neither of the alphas seemd to be impressed.

When this preview came on, the alpha male quipped, "This is a Bad Omen."

The alpha female protested louder than usual at this.

The alphas are headed off on a weekend trip rafting the Colorado river. Meanies are dumping me, Roscoe, and evil Sasha off at a kennel. My next post shall be seething with resentment.


Anonymous said...

I hate the pun as much as the next guy, but that was a double entendre, not a true pun. Less groan here. Now apologise to the Alpha male, he should be lauded for that one.

Did you know that 666 was not the original 'Number of the Beast"
The oldest surviving segments of The Apocalypse (Revelations) written in Greek on papyri list 616 as the number.
656 is also attested in manuscripts which predate the appearance of 666.
Can't trust that bible!

Anonymous said...

No 'Belly Rub' in the vocabulary?
I shall report the masters to the SPCA!

chelene said...

Okay, that was bad! Really, really bad.

justacoolcat said...

Good dog!

Slave to the dogs said...

Rhet, the alpha female says that since a double entendre is usually associated with something sexual, it did not occur to her, but she concedes to your assessment. And I have hip dysplasia so I can't really roll over to get belly rubs, but you can bet that my owners understand "Pet".

Chel, I'm sure the alpha female will be happy to hear that you agree with her.

Cat - the alphas call me "the smart dog" and Roscoe "the good dog".

PrettyRandomThoughts said...

I love the old biches comment, I think I can identify with that as I have become one myself!

PrettyRandomThoughts said...

Crap, I misspelled the word "bitches"! I can add "ignant" to my ever expanding list of adjectives that envelope my less than interesting existence!

Slave to the dogs said...

PRT - if spelling ignorant as ignant was intentional it was pretty damn clever. Old bitches, you and me both my friend.