Tuesday, September 12, 2006

OK, it's kitschy, it's teenage, and it's a little bit silly. But I have to admit...Justin Timberlake rocks my world. I've preordered his latest CD from iTunes and am anxious to go download it this evening.

I think that JT's falsetto crooning evokes memories of swooning over Michael Jackson during the Thriller days. I used to watch MTV vigilantly, awaiting the next time they would play the Thriller video. Thank heaven the voice is where the similarities end. Trying to picture Cameron Diaz dating MJ - nuh uh!!! Well, maybe MJ as he was on Thriller - pre super-freak (though just barely).


chelene said...

I have love for Justin too. Can't help it, don't want to. ;)

James said...

Not feeling you on the Timberlake stuff. I'm always reminded of the Triumph lyrics:

"And when I want something even more fruity and fake,
I look up N for NSYNC or T for Timberlake.
So many skills Justin's making a buck at,
Does he rap, does he sing, he doesn't know what to suck at!

Slave to the dogs said...

James, have you ever even LISTENED to him? I have a hard time believing that you like George Michael but not JT. I think you're just dismissing him offhand because of the whole NSYNC start. I wasn't an NSYNC fan at all.

James said...

I just tried to listen to his new single Sexyback. I think what I heard was mostly Pharell.

I have heard the boy can sing though...

Slave to the dogs said...

Actually it's Timbaland on Sexyback. I like what they did with Justin's voice on that one - recorded his vocals through a guitar amp.

Got the rest of the CD if you wanna give it a listen. ;)