Friday, September 15, 2006

Crossed legs, bulging toes, and jiggly bellies

I ran across this story yesterday. Colombian wives and girlfriends of criminals are imposing a sex ban on their men to try to get them out of the gangster life. I think this is a fresh, fabulous approach that just might work if the women maintain a united front. The catch is that I think there will always be women out there drawn to that sort of man.

Speaking of crossed legs, I've come up with a poll. Which do you think is worse - camel toe or muffin top? If you're confused, I've included pictures of both.

I call this masterpiece "Kim-el Toe"

The NY Daily News hates muffin top too!

Personally I vote for muffin top. Not because it has a higher ick factor, but because it seems to be much more rampant and because actual flesh (that should be hidden) is exposed.

Oh, and you gotta check out It's heeelarious as well as equal opportunity for men and women. And as Kimmie illustrates above, they've got some classic celebrity shots. Who knew Dick Cheney should really be called Balls Cheney?


chelene said...

The Lil Kim cameltoe is just ridiculous! Tell me she didn't see that before she walked out of the house. For God's sake, you could see it from the moon.

Anyway, I have to say that muffintop is the worst. And gross.

Uncle Jim said...

I see way more muffin tops than camel toes. So I have to go with the muffin top.

Pull your shirts down girls, it aint sexy.