Friday, September 08, 2006

The Barney's warehouse sale

First off...the timing. This sale happens twice a year every February and August. I understand that the most excellent goodies get picked over the first day - there was a Will & Grace episode about it and from what I can tell it probably wasn't too far off - people snatching things out of each others' hands, etc. It was winding down when I got there on August 31st. The good news about that? Additional markdowns.

Next...the location. It's not at the main Barney's uptown on Madison but down in what is normally their Co-op store on 17th in Chelsea. It really did look like a warehouse to me, so I have a hard time picturing what the Co-op normally looks like. We were guided in by employees who handed us flyers reminding us that shoplifters would be prosecuted. The womens' stuff was upstairs and the mens' in the basement. The spousal unit went down to the basement but was quickly overwhelmed and adjourned to a nearby bar where I would join him for $1.50 celebratory happy hour beers (never EVER did I believe we'd find such a bar in oh-so-gay Chelsea). I never made it out of the womens' department.

And now the best part...the goodies. Upon entering the womens' section, one descends upon racks and racks of shoes. Oh, glorious shoes! Upon finding my size, I quickly noticed lovely pairs of Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Manolo Blahnik, etc.... Alas, even at half off the prices still seemed too steep. As I simpered away towards the clothing section, I noticed the sign that would forever change my shoe-owning experience - additional 50% off all shoes! Glory be. I rescoured the racks and piled up a pair of Louboutin pink metallic heels, Casadei pale blue and tan kitten heels, and Manolo Blahnik pink ankle strap ballerina flats. Even at $90 I couldn't talk myself into ANOTHER pair of pink metallic shoes that were quite as high as the Louboutins, so those were the first to go back. This left the Manolos and the Casadeis. Even though they were a deal, I had just arrived in NYC and decided that other bargains likely awaited me and that the Casadeis were not quite snobby enough, so I abandoned them as well. This left me with my sole purchase of the day - my very first pair of Manolo Blahniks, at the bargain price of $130. Carrie Bradshaw would be so proud of me!

I did move on to the clothing, where my size had been pretty well picked over. I was feeling very envious of you petite gals out there, especially when I saw all the glorious bargains to be had on Blue Cult, Chip & Pepper, True Religion, and Seven for all Mankind jeans in smaller sizes. I managed to find a Marc Jacobs top and a Diane von Furstenburg dress that piqued my interest, and decided to try them on. I had been warned ahead of time that the warehouse sale has no dressing rooms, so I retreated to the most remote corner of the store, where mirrors, madly disrobing female shoppers, and salesclerks who shooed away men wandering into the area were congregated. As they say, when in Rome.... I stripped off my top, but these designer duds were not destined to accompany me back to Colorado.

Upon meeting up with the spousal unit I informed him of the additional markdowns. He seemed bummed that a pair of Armani slacks he'd admired were not actually $200 but $100. I think he's still upset we didn't go back for them.


chelene said...

"...the Casadeis were not quite snobby enough"

This is the kind of comment that warms my heart. So true. ;)

Did you get a chance to hit Century 21 in lower Manhattan? I picked up Prada leather loafers there for $120. If you go at the right time you can get some wicked deals.

Slave to the dogs said...

Chelene, no trip to New York would be complete without stopping at Century 21! I'm still mourning the Miu Miu gold kitten heels I got there last April for $110 that my dog has since chewed to shreds.

Not so lucky in the shoe department this time, sad to say, though the spousal unit did find a couple pairs. I did manage to snag some Oscar de la Renta sunglasses for $35 though, which was adequate consolation.

Remind me to tell you about my experience at the Prada outlet in Florence...:)

chelene said...

Oh went to the outlet??? When I went to Florence I wanted to go desperately but we just didn't have enough time. It's a damn shame too because Italy hadn't switched over to the Euro yet. I could have racked up. I did get a great bag from Furla and a watch from Gucci but I had to pay full price.