Monday, June 02, 2008

Estrogen overload

Friday night was spent on a girls' outing to see the much awaited Sex and the City (or as I liked to call the TV series, Sluts and their Titties) movie. It was quite an experience.

First of all, there were 17 women in our group. Seventeen! I'm not sure I've been with that many females since I was a Girl Scout. I'm glad I'm not the one who had to deal with the dinner reservations.

We thought we were going to have time to throw a few back between the meal and the 11 PM show, but it was not to be. I was petrified of falling asleep. Luckily the restaurant obliged me by serving an espresso martini so I could get my caffeine and alcohol buzz simultaneously. Muuuuuuuuuuuuch tastier than Red Bull and Vodka.

Here's some shots of me and the other Sluts in our group who I actually knew.

We got in line at about 10:15 for the show. Besides theater employees and the occasional gay gouple, there was nary a male in sight. See for yourself. If our cycles were all aligned we'd have been able to change the orbit of the moon.

Once in, we actually managed to find seats together. Half our bunch fled to the loo or the concession stand, leaving the rest of us to hold their seats. One group of 5 girls tried to muscle their way into the open seats by saying that "they'd checked with management" and it was "illegal" to save that many seats. Illegal! There must be an obscure code written somewhere. They were actually trying to climb over the seats and snag them from the next aisle back. I think if a fight ensued we'd have all pled estrogen intoxication, but we managed to shoo them away.

I won't review the actual movie as to avoid any spoilers. I will say that my expectations weren't high given all the hoopla, but I didn't walk away unhappy.


chelene said...

I heard it was good but a bit too long. And I've already been spoiled but I will still go to see it. I blame my ovaries.

Megan said...

I don't know if I could even get 17 women together.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Slave to the dogs said...

Chelene - I agree it was just a bit too long. I was fidgeting a bit in the middle.

Megan - I didn't plan it, I don't think I could do it either!

BeckEye said...

My ass fell asleep during the movie. But I still enjoyed it. The movie, not my numb rear-end.

spleeness said...

I saw it last night with a group of girls and hubby dragged along. Loved it! Even hubby liked it (he was one of the 4 total men present.) Even though I'd never really seen the show, I loved it. Love your nickname, "sluts and their titties," that's hilarious!

17 girls, that's quite a group!

spleeness said...

ps. "If our cycles were all aligned we'd have been able to change the orbit of the moon."


Slave to the dogs said...

Beckeye - I guess a numb ass could be a good thing now and again, but I knew what you meant. There were definitely some great moments in the movie.

Spleeness - glad you liked it. The nickname came from the fact that a) we saw breast in every show when it was on HBO, and b) all those chicks got laid more than any single woman I know - not just Samantha.