Friday, March 28, 2008


I saw a clip of Bill Clinton stumping for his wife a couple of days ago. Bill usually tends towards eloquence, but the guy must be running on way too little sleep.

He was addressing Obama's campaign saying something negative about Hillary, and said something like:

"Apparently Mr. Obama thinks it's OK to pick on a girl."

I don't remember the exact wording other than he did call his wife a girl.

Huh? No, it's not OK to be mean to a 7 year old female. Is that really how a presidential candidate wants to represent herself? As a helpless child? Sheesh.


BeckEye said...

She'll portray herself in ANY way that will get her votes. If she discovers that the people are looking to vote for a transvestite hooker, well, that's what she'll become.

Slave to the dogs said...

Beckeye - you are correct. I don't recall Bill doing the same thing when he ran the first time, but I was terribly young and naive then so I may not have noticed.

Now if an ACTUAL transvestite hooker much fun would that be?

Pugs said...

I'd vote for the tranny as long as it had a plan. Anything is better than Obama. Clinton is a God and people take things out of context. You can also take it to be a demeaning slight towards Obama or a loving personal tip of affection towards his wife.

Slave to the dogs said...

Pugs, he tapped Monica Lewinsky, so clearly he is no God.

I did NOT take the comment out of context. He was referring to Obama's camp pointing out her "bad memory" regarding the Bosnia landing.

As a feminist I take offense at the "loving personal tip of affection" possiblility you suggest. But as a thinking person I'll point out that somewhere behind those blinders you're wearing you realize that Bill and Hillary do not have a loving affectionate marriage.

And I have no idea how that could be a demeaning slight towards Obama unless it at the same time calls Hillary incapable of assuming the role of commander in chief.