Thursday, January 31, 2008


So between a busy week at work, starting our next IVF cycle, preparing for my cousin's wedding on Saturday in Oregon, and Superbowl fever, I'm totally unprepared for my birthday on Sunday. It's not an unsignificant birthday, either. I'm turning 35. As it stands we'll be flying home and heading to some friends' for the tail end of a Superbowl party.

My doll of a spousal unit is insisting on celebrating next weekend when we don't have so much going on.

I asked for a Wii for my birthday, but there are none to be found. Rats! Seems I'll have to settle for an iPod Shuffle, which will be perfect for skiing and working out.


justacoolcat said...

A shuffle would be cool too. Happy (early) Birthday!

chelene said...

Cat beat me to it, Happy pre-Birthday!

Slave to the dogs said...

Cat - I'd love a Shuffle! So convenient.

And thanks to the both of you for the birthday wishes.