Monday, January 07, 2008

A train wreck I couldn't avoid

Saturday while on the way to pick up some Gatorade to keep by the pool during our scuba lessons (These regulators are making me thirsty!), I heard a stupefying report on the radio that said that Britney may be moving to Denver.

First of all, I don't buy it. If she was serious enough to move in with this John Sundahl character we'd have seen a picture of the guy on The Superficial. And you'd also have to believe that the girl wants out of the limelight for awhile. Nuh uh.

But if it were to really transpire, I do have to say I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of that crazy in the flesh. The snooty folks in that neigbhorhood will be seriously pissed to be invaded by paparazzi. And I'd pay money to watch the girl try to drive, hold the baby, and text in one of our snowstorms.

UPDATE: I Googled this guy, and I have seen a pic of him on The Superfish. But I still don't buy it.

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