Saturday, February 02, 2008

It can always be worse

So a few posts ago I was whining about how cold it is in Denver in the wintertime. Wanting to run off to the islands. Well now I feel a bit better.

We've been in Oregon for a day and a half and it's been nothing but drizzle and drear. My cousins tell me this is a typical winter. You want nice weather? Come in June, they say.

At least through our cold and snow we get sunshine. 300 days a year, in fact.

I can see how Starbucks originated in this region. I've had massive coffee cravings since I've been here. I fear if I lived here I wouldn't appreciate all the lush green surroundings because I'd be inside hiding from the rain all the time.


Tanya Espanya said...

Snappy birthday doll!

BeckEye said...

Happy Birthday! Am I late? I probably am.

Metro said...
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Metro said...

Happy birthday (belated, 'cos I don't get out much anymore).

Re. Weather--y'want "worse"? In Vancouver, just some kilometres to the left of Hometown here, people get, essentially, prescriptions for tanning! They call it UVT ("ultraviolet light therapy"), and it's used to deal with the near-total absence of the sun between the months of September and May.

Where I am gets chilly, snowy winters. But at least we can waken brave Helios once in a while.