Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tony Soprano for President

The spousal unit recently did some research into the history of La Cosa Nostra in Colorado. Apparently, 2 brothers named Sam and Pete Carlino are the founders of Italian organized crime in the state.

Spousal unit used to work for someone who has confirmed that he is related to these men.

Said former employer is also a leaf in the family tree of Tom Tancredo. You know him, he's the one-issue (anti-immigration) Republican candidate for president.

Is there any connection between the Carlinos and Tancredo? I couldn't find one. But it's delicious to ponder, isn't it? And look at the pictures - don't they look related (humor my by ignoring the fact that it's actually James Gandolfini, who is not a mobster but an upstanding and successful actor)?

Also amazingly ironic is that a politician whose statuse is owed partly to his own culture's backround in US immigration could be so anti Mexican immigrant.


chelene said...

I saw Tancredo on one of the cable news shows over the weekend. He seems a little unhinged. I think he should find something else to talk about. Maybe mix it up a bit.

Slave to the dogs said...

Chel, most certainly unhinged. I'm not sure why he thinks he has a chance. Perhaps he's bucking for the VP nom as somebody who'd be tough on immigration.