Thursday, June 21, 2007

2008: Gotham vs. Gotham?

So maybe you heard in the news today that Michael Bloomberg has changed his party affiliation again to none (from Republican, and before that from Democrat)? Wild speculation abounds. Could the next presidential election give us Mayor vs. Mayor (vs. Dem - ignore that part, it's not consequential to this post :-).

Would love to hear from some folks who have lived under both on this one. I've heard both rants and raves about Rudy. From what I see, Mikey's approval ratings are about double Bush's.

My own personal experience only involves working as a consultant for Bloomberg's bajillion dollar company for 9 months after he had already stepped down. Understood his influence was never gone. And on that basis, I'm truly torn as to whether or not I'd don an I Like Mike button.

He had some confounding and sometimes amazingly effective policies at that place. The cafeteria there? Free. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And the food was good. Argument being keep the peons as close to their desk as possible and they will earn you the most money. Given the nature of their business, I say it was brilliant. We could stand some radical changes in that vein in our political system.

Spent a crapload of money for some bizarre projects in the building. A room-sized water feature that was leaky as hell. Plasma flat-screen monitors in every conference room that had the Windows logo burned into their screens from the screensavers. Fingerprint identification for every desktop login. Effective and cool, but very extreme (and there's a backstory to it). That incident resulted in network security locked down so tight it took 10 times the normal effort as a consultant to get anything done. And the work my employer did for them could probably have been done at about 1/4 the cost if Bloomberg's project management were more attentive and discerning.

Those things I just mentioned? They scare me. They speak of impracticality, braggadocio, and fiscal wantonness. After Bush, who spends budgets like Paris Hilton shops/snorts blow/blows poles/whines, I think we could use a little restraint in the pocketbook, not to mention sensibility and humility.

What say you?


justacoolcat said...

My stance has not changed. So I hope we get someone serious and fit for the position soon.

Otherwise I predict the Electoral Collage screws the popular vote again and Walken loses.

Slave to the dogs said...

Yeah yeah, it's still to early to decide. But it's fun to consider.

I enjoyed reading over that post again, BTW.

chelene said...

Both of their chances are slim and none.

Rudy has the 9/11 history but that will only take him so far once his stances on abortion, gun control and gays come out. Also, is a third wife going to be First Lady? Will Pat Robertson keep his mouth shut? I doubt it.

Mike is a non-married, Jewish man (Jon Stewart had a great bit about this the other day). It's sad but I don't see the country getting behind that.

Slave to the dogs said...

Chel - I think you're right about Rudy and his party not accepting his moderacy and his marital status. I should have realized Mike is Jewish and I guess I always assumed he's married.

chelene said...

Nope, not married. In fact, Mike is known to have a crush on Jennifer Lopez! :)