Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where do they FIND these people?

So I was watching Deal or No Deal. Sort of. Really it's just background noise while the spousal unit and I conversed over our delicious dinner of falafel and greek salad that he so munificently prepared. It never ceases to boggle my mind that they can consistently find such annoying contestants for this show.

A few weeks or months ago they had Lime Green Girl. Her clothes were lime green. Her fingernails were lime green. They had the bimbos models attired in lime green slut skirts. And Lime Green Girl's goal? To win enough money to buy herself a lime green H2. Riveting. I had to turn the thing off when they actually drove out a lime green H2 (complete with neon pink trim) as one of her offers. Such a monstrosity should only exist in the realm of the imagination.

I didn't think that could be topped.

But tonight, they found Hanson Girl. Yes, Hanson. MmmmmmmBop. Hanson Girl had Hanson Best Friend there for support. And where did she meet Hanson Best Friend? You guessed her, Chester - the Hanson website (which from what little I saw of it, sucks the Ron Jeremy. Maroon 5's site is far superior). Hanson Best Friend cheered her pal on with such statements as "You're already a winner - you've always been a winner!" Puke.

Hanson Girl wanted to win 15k so she could have a private Hanson concert at home for her friends. And I predicted this one - who showed up later on in the episode? Isaac, Taylor, and Zac (had to look that up). I'm sure Hanson girl peed her pants.

For the boys' sake, I hope Hanson Girl follows through with her wish out of the $83,000 she ended up winning. They probably don't have too many other gigs these days.

You should have heard the spousal unit cheering for her to win a penny. It would have warmed the cockles of your heart.

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