Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yesterday I went to step aerobics and happened to catch a glimpse of my profile in the mirror as we were doing a particularly boisterous sequence. Holy frijoles! The twins' range of motion now seems to be down to my waist and up to my forehead. I do believe that's the last time I'll wear that particular sports bra for such vigorous exercise. I think I need to get myself a frog bra.

If I tried this, I think they would end up flying backwards over my head and/or getting pinned under the pogo stick. Too bad, cuz it looks hellafun.

Why is it that breasts (natural ones, anyway) can never be just quite right? Chelene and I have complaints about being too large. Tanya is enjoying her pregnancy boobs, but I bet she'd get tired of them if she had to lug them around for years on end. And my lesser endowed friends aren't happy either.


chelene said...

The problem is that boobs are genetic instead of automatically proportional. I know I inherited mine from my grandmother who was taller and heavier than me.

Sports bras are just pains in the ass. I always get uni-boob in mine.

Slave to the dogs said...

I think I got your same genetic deal but in reverse - my size also came from my grandmother, who was 5'2". So mine probably fit me a little better but they're still a big pain in the ass.

Uni-boob - LOL! I get it too if the bra is doing its job correctly.

justacoolcat said...


Slave to the dogs said...

Yeah cat, I knew that would draw you to comment. :)

Tanya Espanya said...

Hahaha, you said boobs... I know, I'm a juvenile like Justacoolcat.

Uniboob is like a shelf, you can put your drinks on it.

I guess I got my boobies from my dad? Every woman in my family is generously endowed, my mum (she's 69) has perfect perked up beautiful boobs (after feeding 4 kids!) One time we were on vacation at the beach, and I said, Ah, I'll just go with the dress no bra, and my mum said, Me too! And she looked great! (I have to post a picture of my mum, she's 2 feet tall, my pocket gnome, and even though she came to Canada when she was 22, she still has her cute Spanish accent! I love her!)

Sorry about making this comment so long and obnoxiously all about me (I have a bad habit of doing that, I keep doing it on Chelene's blog, too!)


Slave to the dogs said...

Tanya - I hope I end up like your mom (well, a much taller version) when I get to her age, but somehow with my luck, I doubt it. But no worries, if not, I foresee a lift in my future!

Trust me, after you deliver you'll be happy to be rid of 'em.