Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blood is still red last time I checked

Metro has a couple of current posts about how to help the environment. You can see I voiced my dissent regarding some of his views but it is a common cause. He reminded me of a post I've had in the back of my mind for weeks now.

As you can surmise, I've spent much more time than normal at the doctor's office lately. And it's struck me as a place that's in no way green. Every time I hop up on the table I sit on a disposable paper cover. I drape myself with a single-use paper "cloth". And then there's all the biohazardous waste that's incinerated. When I dropped off all my used syringes to be disposed of, I couldn't even keep the container for reuse.

Now, I realize this is probably a smidgen of a problem, if that, compared to emissions and factory livestock farming. But it still seems as if it could be improved upon. Or is there too much of a health risk involved? You tell me.

It seems as if syringes could be effectively sterilized and reused. Or maybe cloth drapes would be an option (except those too would need to be washed after every use). What else?


justacoolcat said...

Call me a crazy, but I just don't think every industry can "go green".

Slave to the dogs said...

Yeah, I'm not sure they can either JACC.

Pugs said...

Well, you would then have to consider the energy that would be used to wash and dry said linens and of course the detergent and sanitation procedures, etc. It's proabably much easier to kill a tree than to be "green". Plus, would you want to handle someone elses used needles and linens?

Slave to the dogs said...

Pugs, I certainly would not want to handle used needles. Excellent points.

ginger b said...

No No No

I'm afraid enough of the doctor, let alone adding the idea of having someone stick me with a used needle and sitting on a bed cloth that some TB carrier used the day before.

I'll stop using paper towels and driving to work if it means saving clean needles and sheets for my doctor's office.

Good post!